Nei Daj Sie Atlanta

okaynadine-null-deactivated2014 said: its three in the morning and i dont think i tell you often enough how great i think you are but yeah youre an awesome person im so glad i got to know you and you mean so much to me i hope good things happen to you a lot gingie bub

aw sandwich friend i hope you know i feel the same like damn if i had a bucket of cookies id give you like all the cookies

unless you dont like cookies then they would be set on fire 

okaynadine-null-deactivated2014 said: Did you block me or something

?? again?

well-rounded-warrior said: i happen to be playing wild world right now. my code is 1636-5640-7431. town: Randolph. name: Leila. i've never played wild world until now, so i'm pretty much a noob

If you want to visit my town, my gate is open! I’ll be happy to show you around :D

sandstormbydarude said: Yeah okay!! My FC is 3354-5358-2583 name: ❤ meg ❤ town: Ironwood. I don’t have fruit at the moment but my gates will be open for a little while if you wanna stop by :)

I will, thank you! I’ll drop by in a few. I’ll bring fruit :D

Anyone out there still play AC Wild World? Add me if you like - message me your info as well!

Code: 1765 - 4129 - 3440

Town: Levl’ton

Name: Habbs

I have apples, pears, oranges, and a few coconut trees to share. I’m looking for peaches. Please don’t wreak havoc in my town (/A\)

okaynadine-null-deactivated2014 said: this is blog

Of Right
And wrong
There is
a field

I'll meet you There